Mother Earth Cries

Change is good, it always has been for humans but not so much for nature and mother Earth. Among the many crises we face today, social, financial and economic, there exists one that while does not affect us today but, will do so in years to come. This is the Ecological Crisis.

Back in 2007, a UN report revealed that carbon emissions were at the highest point in the last 6 centuries, twice the amount that can be absorbed back by the ecosystems of the world. The following year reported over 300 natural calamities that took a global toll of 200 million lives. The WHO eventually estimated a figure of 150,000 people dying as a direct consequence of climate change. Worse still is that nearly 7/8th of them are children. Fast forward to today and the figures have magnified exponentially.

As it stands, there are two key lies prospering globally that directly cause deaths due to climate change.

  1. The fact that governments continue not to accept the consequences of technological and economic development on nature. The results are far reaching across borders of time and space.
  2. Fighting climate change on a citizen level is a good initiative but a futile one when most factors are industrial or governmental in size. Improved vehicle emission standards do not do much when industries pump out hundred times more pollutants into the environment.

What Can Be an Alternative Approach?

  1. Reduce CO2 emissions by at least 40% in 2020 as opposed to 1990 for all developed countries
  2. Stop fake compromises like Clean Development Mechanism and the Carbon Emission Taxes
  3. Proper technological and financial support to all developing countries so their growth does not add to already rising climate concerns
  4. Clean energy being mother Earth’s right to all its inhabitants