This list is not the end-of-all discussions. It is by no means a definitive guide either. Consider these examples are inspiration, a call-to-action.

Jena Six

Civil rights have always been forefront among social justice initiatives and Jena Six incident is paramount in mobilizing the global citizen. In 2007, nearly 50,000 people from the world over amassed together under the leadership of two civil rights leaders to protest against the charges of second degree murder levied on 6 black teenagers for beating a white classmate. Such a massive protest resulted in all charges being dropped days before the protest march in Jena.

Cynthia McKinney

A presidential candidate for the 2008 elections representing the Green Party, she gathered world attention for her views on Iraq War, 9/11, Bush administration on Hurricane Katrina aftermath and military appropriations.

Randall Robinson

Best known for the TransAfrica forum, he was the most vocal of critiques of America’s foreign policy during the South African apartheid. He was also responsible in parts for Jean Bertrand-Aristide’s overthrow in Haiti as well as removal of economic policies that prohibited growth of Caribbean states.

Jimmy Carter

Probably the most renowned name among this short list, he won the Nobel Peace Prize back in 2002 and has always been a critic of America’s foreign policies and its role as a superpower. With many books and his high activity level dealing with social justice – he is a character to emulate.