Animal Rights

The Animal Rights Movement – a catchphrase coined by global media to refer to anything that deals with rights of the animal kingdom in general. Litigations, mass protests, lobbying and draft treaties on city, provincial and national level has made this topic a raging one today.

The changes are equally evident too. Biomedical research on apes banned, bullfighting in Catalonia deemed cruel by the world, slaughterhouses and factory farms slapped as unethical and strict rules for the living conditions of livestock – these are just the changes of the last two decades that social concern over animal rights has engineered. In all honestly though, calling it “animal rights” is misleading. A better term would be Animal Welfare.

Many argue that animals have no rights and are legal properties at best while humans are legal persons thus possess rights and can take ownership of legal properties. This in term eliminates any rights for animals. It is a skewed concept one arising from the feeling of superiority among humans. Ah! The old adage does stand true – if only animals could speak, oh the pains they would spill!

If all animal kingdom has no welfare and rights then the world is surely doomed for collectively they outnumber humans 1000:1. If nature is fair and decides one day to give them consciousness, imagine the repercussions humanity would have to deal with. If you can imagine this then you must fight for Animal Welfare, starting today.