affirmative apartheid

Black Economic Empowerment is more important than rapid growth strategy to improve the economic potential of South Africa. Due to the exclusion of African, colored and Indian participation in the workforce and economy, the economy of Africa South has suffered accordingly. Because of the inequality created by the resulting poverty, which deprived the product growth GDP of South Africa. Before the end of apartheid in 1994 South Africa was to see a stagnation of GDP, while other countries were in bloom. Once the logistics of apartheid had been worked through, this problem has been considered. The desperate need equality in employment and economic growth of South Africa requires immediate action.

This is why Black Economic Empowerment (BEE also called) came into play. BEE has served as a means of creating equal opportunities for all South Africans. It is the only way the government said would be a viable means of achieving gender equality in the economy. The BEE Act was considered as a measure of strategic growth to help the country reach its full potential. Although the bee is not affirmative action, affirmative action is part of BEE process.

Much of the growth strategy for BEE companies is to have a dashboard bee that is the way to keep track of how BEE compliant company is. The BEE Dashboard keeps track of how many employees are there employment equity in a company and, more importantly, how many BEE companies comply you do business with. This is another important factor for your scorecard, companies buy and their BEE compliance. The point of all of BEE is to create equality and economic growth, companies so that if other and people are supporting BEE companies will comply with the BEE to grow as a movement in the country.

This is a great way to grow your company positively in a manner that is fair to all. The benefits of growth to be BEE compliant will only benefit your business and generate positive economic growth as part of your contribution to the country.

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