active denial weapon

The accumulation of arms in the world, especially in China and the Middle East is a little scary. Why all weapons, when any of these nations is no threat real? In the past five years have seen an incredible number of weapons procured by nations in the Middle East? Why? Are we on the brink of the Third World War?

General chair a known mine noted, “When the stakes get high, and are, I think some new and innovative ideas is in order. ”

We really need a police system based in space or in the Arthur C Clarke book, in which when a nation-state triggers a missile is destroyed along with the installation and location. Finally, it only takes the war on the table. The point is that we can trust to run it? Well, we the sole superpower and the only one I trust. The UN has proven unreliable and impotent.

My friend said he would be “nice to have a weapon that was able to achieve a knock out without destroying the entire body including your corner. “Maybe a type of active denial weapon or laser weapons (based on a system thermal imaging) that can locate the target, disable and then that could be arrested and removed from that population? One day there will be more likely such a device.

The real problem is that these innovations and military, or rather, monitoring devices are not yet in existence, however, and we need them now more than ever. Please consider this.

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