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So what is Social Justice?

In its simplest term, we would say it just is a just and fair relationship between the society and an individual. However, Social Justice today is much more complex than this dictionary meaning of sorts. It can affect topics ranging from climate change to animal rights. Almost anything that involves more than couple of individuals can be broadly classified as social justice.

Some say, the word “justice” is to signify redemption or retribution for a social cause. While others are of the belief that “justice” in Social Justice is the delimiting of gaps, removal of partial views and equality in all things on earth.


The Concept Is Pretty Old

Though the term may have been coined in the past couple of centuries and made popular by the current media, it has its roots spread across the globe in various historical accounts. From Western civilization to Asian cultures, the concept exists for as long as humanity has. In Asian history, fulfilling societal roles was the responsibility of individuals and receiving what they are due from the society their reward, which was then the idea of social justice.

Today, this idea has metamorphosed into a much larger concept governing areas of social insurance, taxation, public school, labour, regulation of markets, equal opportunity, fair distribution of wealth and so much more.

Many companies through the UK support gender equality, such as Ageas Insurance, One Sure Insurance, Barclays, Nationwide, Tyre Centre, Asda, Tesco, Co-Operative Travel, Thomas Cook and more!